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About Us


Martins Investment Group (MIG) is a direct hire and interim consulting talent acquisition firm servicing all facets of business and industry. We provide premier full-time or part-time professionals for whatever your staffing needs may be. Each of our skilled talent acquisition partners possess over ten years of staffing experience and will strategize with you to identify top talent for your team. 

You should know the following about MIG: our company was established with one goal in mind: to find the right match for employers and career seekers. We have been responsible for providing outstanding talent acquisition strategies, services, and solutions ever since.

The MIG Talent Acquisition Strategy

1. Strategize: A Talent Acquisition Expert will listen to your hiring needs, challenges, and goals and develop a thorough plan for attracting the best candidates possible within a realistic timeframe.   This includes educating you on the most recent market salary ranges with market data for each position you are seeking to hire.

2. Updates: As the search begins, a MIG Talent Acquisition Expert will provide you with weekly updates on their search efforts for permanent hires; and a daily update for temporary/consulting/temp-to-hire positions.

3. Candidate Presentations: Candidate resumes are presented coupled with details regarding “soft skills” {this includes presentation, interpersonal skills, articulation skills} technical expertise as it pertains to your opening, career history data, finalized with salary information and interview availability. *We believe in QUALITY vs. QUANTITY and will not inundate you with numerous resumes. 

4. Interview Scheduling: MIG will coordinate all interviews, follow-up conversations, thank you notes, etc. 

5. Reference Checking: MIG recognizes the value of a reputable outside source and will provide references for our candidates to aid in the decision-making process.

6. Offer Negotiation / Placement Secured: MIG Talent Acquisition Experts possess trustworthy relationships with each candidate we represent.  Thus, we are able to effectively negotiate the right “figure” it takes to secure that person for our client’s team.  Our clients’ budgets are always at the forefront of our salary negotiation efforts.

7. Onboarding Strategies| Employee Retention Focus: Once you’ve obtained the signed offer acceptance, it’s critical to ensure that your valued new team member is properly welcomed, trained and has a clear vision of expectations and professional growth development. This will ensure top productivity, dedication and longevity to your organization.

Areas of Expertise​

Accounting/Finance - all levels including Executive Management

Administration – all levels including Executive Management 

Audit/Tax – all levels including Executive Management

Engineering – all levels including Executive Management

Human Resources – all levels including Executive Management

Marketing - Brand, Digital, Traditional - all levels including Executive Management

Operations – all levels including Executive Management

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Clients of the Martins Investment Group benefit from our skilled talent acquisition techniques. Our strategic efforts include extensive networking, and referral generation within our client's industry to target professionals with specific skill sets. We integrate these efforts with our expertise in behavioral interviewing sessions with each candidate to identify and thoroughly screen potential candidates. Each of our Talent Acquisition Experts bring forth over a decade of successful recruiting acumen and skilled sourcing techniques.


Christina Martins graduated from California State University San Bernardino with a degree in Accounting while working for a regional CPA firm during her college years. Upon graduation, she began her talent acquisition career on Wall Street, NYC, with Robert Half International. 

Seven years into her career, Christina obtained her Masters Degree in Education where she put forth this knowledge towards designing and implementing strategic options that focused on recruiting, onboarding, employee retention and professional branding strategies for her clients. 


She is known for possessing exceptional interpersonal skills and expertise in developing and maintaining advantageous working relationships. She is successful with candidate recruitment (of all levels in a timely manner), is a self-starter, and collaborates cohesively with all levels of associates and management in meeting corporate recruiting objectives. Her ethics, listening skills, business acumen, passion for recruitment, industry expertise, interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities have contributed to continued hiring success.  


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Michael Shenouda, a University of California Irvine graduate in Business Administration has a strong background in both public and private industries. Upon graduation, he spent five years as an Auditor/ Accountant with a CPA firm and with an outside Consulting firm servicing Fortune 500 clients. This enabled Mike to establish and build a solid knowledge base in the areas of business. 


After spending five years in an Audit/Accounting capacity he transitioned into an Executive Talent Acquisition Business Partner role where he spent the last seven years helping to build a company from the ground up. With a list of loyal clients ranging from large corporations to small innovators, he and his team consistently deliver quality candidates for critical hires.


Mike brings passion, strategic focus and professionalism to each project along with drive, tenacity and integrity. He uses his extensive industry contacts and persistence to find the right person for each role. The number of client testimonials, and long-term MIG clients, confirm Mike’s success as an outstanding leader, mentor, and enduring business professional. Mike brings forth dedication, perseverance, and accuracy in all of his endeavors.

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