Contractor secured within 24-48 hours

We are your solution for those unexpected workforce demands. We have educated, skilled contractors available for work when you are in need: Situations that require a temporary employee: 

- Seasonal Workloads

- Hiring Freezes

- Project Deadlines 

- Audit Preparation

- To Cover Leave of Absences

- To Cover Vacation

- To Assess the Professional in a Working Capacity Prior to Making a Direct Hire Offer

The Martins Investment Group is your direct hire and interim contract talent solution! We will remove the stress and time consuming tasks from your hands and efficiently recruit talent for your specific hiring needs. MIG works diligently around the clock to identify the best professionals for your team. We save our clients time, cost and uncertainty leaving you free to be strategic and operate efficiently.


We recognize  our clients need for a rapid, yet thorough response to specific hiring needs. We listen and learn about your corporate culture and the ideal personality who would be a successful match for you and your team. You can count on MIG to provide qualified professionals who add value to your team.


By utilizing our recruiting services for direct hire and temporary contract positions, cost savings are realized in the following areas:  


-Hiring and Developmental Costs


-Background Checks 




Professional Placement in 30 Days

Replacing key team members or hiring newly created positions through in-house efforts can be timely, costly and ineffective. Our streamlined process efficiently delivers successful results to meet your company’s specific hiring needs and requirements in an optimal timeframe.

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