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Martins Investment Group (MIG) Interview Coaching provides premier coaching and interview strategies for students across the globe. Clients of MIG Coaching benefit from our expert niche coaching techniques that educate and position our students to interview with confidence, authentically present themselves with poise, and be articulate in their communication. Our strategic efforts include expert tips gathered from decades of experience and knowledge of successful interview practices that generate desired results for our students. We integrate these strategies with our expertise in behavioral interviewing for optimal results. MIG Coaching provides digital professional branding, interview coaching, and virtual tutorials, individual and group sessions with each candidate to thoroughly prepare for the interview. Each of our Coaching Experts brings forth over a decade of successful interviewing acumen and presentation techniques. MIG Interview Coaching students complete our program with newly gained interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills to use throughout their lives!


Interview coaching strategies to successfully prepare you for your interview

taught virtually through:

  • tutorials
  • individual one-on-one sessions

  • group sessions

  • Summary of program highlights to refer to

  • Free digital professional branding

  • Free tool to organize and track your job applications

  • Free digital customizable thank you note to email to your interviewer


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